Company name/organization: SKY Perfect JSAT, Zenrin, Nippon Koei
Method/name: LIANA (a service that monitors the risk of slope and infrastructure fluctuations using satellites)

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A service that uses satellite data to monitor soil structures such as slopes and embankments, roads, reclaimed land, and surrounding infrastructure over time with millimeter precision. It displays the ground deformation in the area that the user wants to check in chronological order, and evaluates the risk based on the standards of the ground extensometer of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The web system that provides the results is visually easy for users to understand, provides know-how that can be incorporated into management work, implements detailed map data, and implements a web UI. This allows the user to grasp the impact of the dangerous area on the surroundings.


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  • Infrastructure (electricity, gas, heat supply, water services) Transportation Buildings / Housing Public
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  • Various systems
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  • Tokyo
  • date
  • November 2022 release
  • Release date
  • 2022/11/01