Company name / organization: Tohnichi, SBC & S, Plus Style,
Method / Name: obniz (IoT system)

IoT 各種システムに関する記事

Tohnichi, which operates the Harajuku Togo Memorial Hall, has started selling the wedding ceremony "Togo LIVE WEDDING-Online Congratulations-", which focuses on measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases. A CO2 sensor, temperature / humidity sensor, and magnetic sensor will be installed in the main shrine of Togo Shrine and the banquet hall / kitchen of the Harajuku Togo Memorial Hall, and the measurement data will be sent to the cloud "obniz Cloud" via the "obniz BLE gateway". The data on obniz Cloud is visualized using the visualization application creation service "Connect +" (manufactured by, and the ventilation status in the hall is displayed on the display and tablet terminal in the hall. This avoids congestion at the wedding hall.


  • Industry classification
  • Life-related service industry, entertainment industry
  • Product category
  • Various systems
  • Service classification
  • Improve efficiency of main business, increase functions and sales
  • Correspondence area
  • Tokyo
  • date
  • Introduced in May 2020
  • Release date
  • 2020/09/01